The post-war 1940's and 50's, was a period of great opportunity and growth.  The development and sales of new, labor saving appliances and equipment surpassed all expectations.  While in Columbus, Georgia during 1948, W.D. "Bill" Fox, Sr. recognized the opportunity and formed "Fox Appliance Service".

Bill Fox was a hands-on man, with an engineering education and a knack for motivating people.  He experimented with the fabrication and remanufacturing of many components and assemblies.  He perfected lubricating compounds and developed specialized tooling for dozens of applications.  He trained and shared his knowledge with many... a great number of which would later form service or parts organizations of their own.

Bill Fox committed himself to "giving the customer value".  He stood behind this commitment with a one year parts and service guarantee.  For him, the benefits of the guarantee far outweighed the risk because he used quality "parts and people".  If both were not available, he produced them.

As with many service organizations, Bill Fox soon discovered a thriving, local do-it-yourself market.  He enjoyed this retail business, but realized that parts distribution on a larger "wholesale" scale presented certain conflicts.  His solution was to form Fox Appliance Parts.  Relatives were usually called upon to handle the day to day operations, but the direction came from our founder.

During the years that followed, Bill Fox became very active in the appliance parts industry.  He co-founded both the National Appliance Parts Suppliers Association (NAPSA) and, later, the W.D. Armstrong corporation.  His leadership and participation in both groups produced a world of industry associates and friends.  In late 1986, all suffered a great loss... while at his beloved service company, Bill Fox lost his life in an industrial accident.  His strong ethics, honest determination and competitive spirit survived and continues through the companies he founded.


Since our beginning some 53 years ago, Fox Appliance Parts has grown into 4 unified and parallel corporations: Fox Macon, Fox Atlanta, Fox Columbus and Fox Augusta.  Each main office functions as a central warehouse for inventory and district headquarters for sales and data processing.  Collectively, these 4 shipping locations and 13 counter locations distribute products, parts, and supplies throughout the Southeastern U.S.A.

Fox Appliance Parts is proud to represent our many appliance, equipment and aftermarket manufacturers.  In some cases our collective inventory rivals that of factory locations.  But our commitment to distribute goes far beyond inventory, price and delivery.  It is "customer service excellence" that makes Fox unique.

Fox Appliance Parts leads our industry in computerized operations.  However, the best computer technology is of little benefit without knowledgeable and concerned people.  From research to shipping and from sales to accounting, the Fox People Care.  When you absolutely need the right part "yesterday", contact the Fox People.